Escape from Tarkov 2022

In this post, we will discuss the battle game, which involves a single shooter who circulates the whole region decided by the game developers for collecting the loot and, most importantly, for its survival. The region selected for the game is fictional and named Norvinsk, where the battle occurred between the two private limited companies. Escape from Tarkov is a realistic game that attains different impacts from the multiplayer online gaming scheme developed by video gamers. The genre used in this game was the First-person shooter online video battle game.

Game Play of Escape from Tarkov:

Escape from Tarkov is a thrilling but adventurous game as it offers different modes for the players to play independently. The modes that are discussed in this game are as follows:

  • Private limited military raids mode
  • Scavengers raid mode
  • Offline gaming mode

The player has to choose some specific model from the game and then start the battle from the eastern core to the western core to get loots and for its survival. The players’ loots include equipment, guns, bullets, armors, and firearms. The player has given a map he must follow for survival and visit the BOSS raid places to get a vast amount of loots. Finally, he has to escape from the battle to end his raid. The time duration given for a single raid is about 20-45 minutes. The player can choose whether he wants to raid as a single shooter or either want to play in the form of a group.


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While playing Escape from Tarkov, the player first lands in the center area or maybe from the east to west sides of the region. The whole game should be played by following the map where the player can trace the storage locators and some of the spawn locations where snipers are ready to trigger you. You may also find the four categories of the warehouse. All of these are pretty near to the Boss location, which is around the area named the Gas station. Once the player lands in the region, his raid time starts that is given above; this time, the player has to collect the loot and fight for his survival before reaching the endpoint of the game. The map will guide the player to track the passage, which is safe and contains some of the looted equipment.


There are a sufficient amount of guidelines regarding Escape from Tarkov on the internet, but they are not easy to follow. Here are some Tarkov custom extracts that will help you escape from the custom map and the guidelines of sniper roadblock areas that could be dangerous for the players. This post will also discuss some of the dangerous areas that grasp the players and kill them. The whole game revolves around the map because it shows the areas, shops, railroads, and much more which are essential for the players.

Here are some custom extraction points are given below:

Factory far corner
Sniper Roadblock
Warehouse 17
Railroad to port
ZB – 10011
Trailer Park
Scavenger Checkpoint
Warehouse 4
Factory Shacks
Passage Between Rocks

These Tarkov extraction points offer no specific terms to follow that we extracted from Tarkov’s new Custom map.

There is also an EFT custom Scavengers map which extracts some conditions for existence or extraction; these with the specific condition are as follow:

Smuggler’s boat

The Smuggler’s boat offered the extraction to the player when it was required to light the Campfire.

Gas station

It only opens with the visibility of a vast amount of green smoke.

Dorms V-Ex

For using this extraction, the players need around 7000.03 roubles.

RAUF roadblock

It gives custom extraction when the floodlight is lit.


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In Escape from Tarkov, it is imperative to know about the dangerous areas where the scavenger snipers are found. It is good to track scavenger snipers for the survival of the player. There are also some areas that are pretty dangerous such as Dorms. They are crowded with people full of loots; players come there for the loot of different equipment and armors. The gamer should avoid going through these tempted places as the boss raids are also there with their bodyguard. There are also the warehouses in that location from which the snipers attack the player. Once the player got shot by the sniper, his all loot disappeared, and he had to unlock the Dorms room for other loot. The location of the Dorms is mentioned on the map given above. However, you can also get the railroad location or more from the map.


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A Boss in the Tarov region wanders here and there to attack; the Boss in this game moves with his bodyguards. The main places where the players could find the Boss are mentioned below:
Scavenger Stronghold
New Gas Station
Southwest Power tower
Military checkpoint at the Power tower


This post will quickly get the guidelines regarding the Escape from Tarkov 2022 version. The maps mentioned above will guide you with the best possible ways to rescue yourself from the warehouse and Boss with his attackers. The road is also shown in the Tarkov map, which connects the railroad to Tarkov. Above all that, here we presented some guidelines that will be helpful for you to tackle, which are full of adventures and thrilling impact.

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