New X suits in BGMI

New Silvanus X suits in BGMI and PUBG mobile release date, links, and rewards 2022

Battle game Mobile India and PUBG mobile games are primarily famous for their battle arena and also for The fighting characters with their remarkable skills. Each character of the game has its collection of suits; with the advancement of time, their suits are upgraded by the influencers of the game. The suits that we will discuss are of unique quality regarding appearance and the battle structure. There is a total of four to five suits that consist of remarkable fighting techniques, and most importantly, they are the upgradeable items of the game. So if you are searching for these unique suits, you are on the right platform. Here we will guide you properly about these suits and upgrading techniques.

The release date of the Silvanus X suit in BGMI & PUBG mobile is 17 March 2022

The influencers of the game indulge in some sort of features in the game, which are given below:

  • Challenge of the crew.
  • Brand new weapon skins.
  • Unique Character, Skins.
  • Emotes with exciting elements.

New Silvanus X suits in BGMI & PUBG mobile features

This excellent game introducer introduced new and unique features into the game, which are explained Below:

Basic appearance

The basic appearance of Silvanus X suits is quite similar to Avalanche X suits with pants in white and the jacket in green color holds the whole appearance with white blazers.

Interaction with teammates

For interaction with the teammates, the influencers of the game have introduced the two designs. Now it’s up to you whether you purchase number 1 or 2. Some players suggest that the prices of Silvanus suits are high beginners can’t get these outfits.

Advance form of X suit

The advanced form of X suits appeared in level 3, which is best among the skin codes given below in level 2.

Broadcast of victory

Players will get the victory broadcast in level 4 as it is a fantastic internet sensation and a good idea for giving the kill message to other players.

Shock and Awe

This form gives the players an impact of green lightning on a white dress in the form of a bird. This element is fantastic and worth catching.

The final form of the Silvanus X suit

The final form of the X suits appeared in the 6th level of the game. It is remarkable and shows the glowing green leaves’ impact on the player.

Brand new X suits list for the BGMI & PUBG players 2022

1. Pharaoh golden X suit

This fantastic golden suit was launched in August 2021. Shipped from the king of Egypt, as it resembles that king. This remarkable suit was launched in season 14; after the launch of this remarkable attire, a vast number of players bought this by spending more than 85000 UC. This attire not only fills your inventory but also upgrades your game to the 6th level; not only this, but it also uncloses the remarkable features which will make your game exciting and worth catching. This suit should be in your inventory if you are a pro player or want to be a pro player.

2. Poseidon X suit

Another fabulous attire that was launched on 20 August 2021 was around the time when cycle 1 of the game started. This attractive attire is worth more than 90000 UC and more. The exciting thing is that many players unlock the Poseidon X suits to upgrade the game and avail of the remarkable features. This suit resembles the king of the ocean, and the picture
resembles that king. Poseidon X suit purchaser’s gameplay upgraded to the 6th level.

3. New Avalanche X suit

The New Avalanche X suit was launched in season 2, most probably in the winter season on 24 th December 2021. This remarkable suite is available for exciting battle games such as BGMI and PUBG. This outfit resembles the lord of the snow as it was launched in the winter season. But now, this outfit is unavailable, and I hope this fantastic outfit will launch in the future with unique features.

4. Silvanus X suit

Silvanus X suit is another outfit that adds remarkable features to your game. It was launched on 15 April 2022, most probably in the 5th season of cycle 1. The incredible thing is that you can get this suit free from Silvanus spins. But the suit you get from the Silvanus spin will last for a short period. You have to pay a considerable amount for UC and Silver fragments for a more extended period. Silvanus X suit is available for both games such as PUBG & BGMI.

5. Raven Blood X suit

This is another fantastic suit that looks like a mysterious bird. This was launched on 17 April 2021 roundabout in the 18th season. The whole outfit was designed as the destroyer of evil. Getting this fantastic outfit player paid around 70000 UC in a single spin. This outfit contains remarkable features and upgrades the PUBG game to its extreme level.

Ways to get these suits in PUBG and BGMI 2022

As professional players, we know that these suits we will discuss are costly. Buying these suits is impossible for beginners as they cost around 85K to 100K UC. These are too expensive and valuable as every expensive thing has its worth. Here we will discuss these suits that are absolutely for you because it is impossible for the pro player to have all the suits but no X suits. To buy these suits, you must pay a considerable amount discussed above.

There are also some steps that you have to follow to get these suits and remarkable skins in PUBG mobile. These steps are given below, and you have to open the game’s main lobby by clicking on the back options.

  • Then you have to get the Poseidon, and here you have to spend the UC or silvers.
  • You now have to click on the pen click for select the skins, but click there more than one time until you get that skin.
  • After doing all that, you can get free skin of the Poseidon X suit. That’s it.

Ways to upgrade the Poseidon X skin 2022

This part is not easy to tackle as some things are very tricky to use. To get the banner skins, you must use Star forge stones and Star Fragments. These stones are used to upgrade the level of the game, victory broadcast, and entry emote. Another exciting thing about these suits is that they also capture players’ attention. So to get more upgrades, we need the Star fragments and Star Forge. These currencies are significant as they are earned by pulling the Poseidon X banner of the game. These are not cheap but better than anything else.


New BGMI x suits are great for the warriors as they clearly resemble the king of Egypt and the king of the ocean. It creates an exciting element in the minds of the players. But the most important thing is that everyone couldn’t buy these overwhelming suits as they cost more than 90000 UC and fragmented stones. It is interesting for the pro players to get these suits and fill their inventory with them. These are amazing and leaves a substantial impact on the mind of the players. To grasp these suits if you are a pro player or want to be a pro player.

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