BGMI, PUBG 4 finger claw layout and sensitive settings (2022)

PUBG 4 finger claw layout:

PUBG Mobile video game claw layouts 2022:

PUBG mobile is an online video battle game on behalf of fighters. They offer a battle arena to fight and kill the enemies. This game is that it has grasped a large amount of audience itself. As this game got popular through its intensive play, the BGMI and influencers of the PUBG mobile game are paving the smooth roads for its more intense action gameplay. The influencers of the game have organized the Claw set up for remarkable performance. BGMI and PUBG mobile influencers have introduced the four categories of PUBG finger layout; they are explained below:

Two fingers PUBG layout.

Three fingers claw layout.

Four fingers claw layout.

Six fingers claw layout.

All of these layouts have performed dynamic effects on the game. It helped the players play with great action and robust strategies by using the gyroscope element. PUBG mobile video games enable players to use different sorts of things to elaborate their game, such as a gyroscope. PUBG mobile video game claw layout with gyroscope lets the player view the game from all angles.

Best 4 finger Claw set up for PUBG Mobile:

In PUBG mobile, there are different sorts of setups; the 4 finger claw setup is quite complicated. It mainly focuses on the accessibility and versatility of the game that players want more specifically. The players use a PUBG Mobile claw layout with a gyroscope for tilting their mobile phones to use weapons with accurate angles, track enemies, aid in recoil control, and target the aim of firing. The main thing used to focus is the quick control in PUBG or having the access power to increase the survival period.

PUBG 4 finger claw layout code:

PUBG 4 finger claw layout code usually is not accessed by the players. Here we will provide you with the authentic code for accessing the 4-finger claw layout as there was the code for accessing the 3-finger claw layout. You can easily access that code by copying the code and pasting it in the right place.

The PUBG 4 finger claw layout code is as follows:

  • Global: *6960-5108-1956-6633-068*
  • BGMI: *6983-8925-6086-8542-750*

PUBG 4 finger Claw sensitivity:

In PUBG mobile, there are also some claw sensitivity codes which are as follows:

  • Global: *6982-4142-4901-6952-815*
  • BGMI: *6983-8751-8276-6065-461*

Sensitive 4 finger Claw PUBG mobile setup:

While discussing the 4 finger claw layout for PUBG, we determine it is the best Claw for playing the PUBG. So we have provided you with the best possible ways to customize the 4 finger claw layer on your mobile phones or IPads. You have to follow the given information, but besides that, you have to turn on the primary setting to make your performance better than ever. You can quickly speed up your player for an enemy attack by clicking the setting. Setting information is given below:

  • First of all, click the settings.
  • You must turn on the “PEEK & FIRE” from the settings.
  • You also have to turn the “AIM ASSIST” on.
  • You have to make the Learn Mode and Scope Mode HOLD by switching.

All of these settings are very helpful in combating the close range and covering the coil by positioning it in a longer or closer range. You can avail your fingers and thumb by positioning them for fighting or triggering enemies. By maintaining all that, you can avail a better playing ground for your online game. We have mentioned the 4 finger claw layout code above, but here we are presenting the way through which you will enter this code. The ways of entering are as follow:
You first have to click on the settings of the PUBG Mobile game.

  • Press the Control-click.
  • Then press the Customize click.
  • Open the layout settings and click on the search method.
  • Here you have to paste the code and save it there.
  • After all that, your 4 finger claw layout is ready to play.

After setting your 4 finger claw layout, you need to practice as much as possible. I know that 4 finger claw layout is easy than the 2-finger claw layout, but your practice makes you perfect.


To customize the sensitivity and layout style, players idealized the way through which they will prefer their claw control for playing PUBG online video games. The claw layouts mentioned above are of different categories, such as 2-finger claw layout, 3-finger claw layout, 4-finger claw layout, and 5-finger claw layout. You can adjust your preferable layout by putting the required code in the settings. We have discussed the ever claw layout, that is 4 finger claw layout, because its techniques are pretty straightforward and fantastic. It offers a comfortable zone for the player to show his skills and strategies in the game. If the players use this control setup, they quickly get it and build muscle memory. If you guys are efficient to play, click and go ahead with this fantastic, appropriately authentic guideline. So don’t waste your time; read above and get the 4 finger claw control setup.

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