World Series of Poker:

World Series of Poker is the Poker tournament held in Nevada and Paradise since 2004. That was the game played between the seven best poker players, but the game that we are talking about is the online gambling which rewards online gifts in the form of real money. The players have to download the software and attach the deposit account. Now you can play in your comfort zone, from your home, whether you are from Nevada, New Jersey and Michigan.

Offers for the players:  

As we all know, this game is played among poker players, but the fascinating thing that grasps the players towards it is the offers that players get from the Poker’s software. Some of the suggestions given by are given below:

  • As the WSOP player, you can get the free rolls.
  • The players can get a chance to play the games on mobile phones or desktops.
  • They will get around 10000 plus free guarantees.
  • You can get licensed and regulated poker rooms for playing the tournaments.
  • You can also avail the free Satellite events to WSOP. 
  • The only thing that players should remember for getting real money and awards is the age limit above 21 years.
  • The players can avail a variety of deposit and withdrawal options.
  • The players can also get more money and broader time zone coverage on WSOP. 

Redeem codes of WSOP:


  • Redeem Code for 20k free chips: 


  • Redeem Code for getting free 25000 bonus chips: 


  • Redeem Code for getting the 5000 free bonus chips:


  • Redeem Code for getting the free 250000 free chips and x bonus status:


  • Redeem Code for getting the 5000 free bonus chips:


  • Redeem Code for getting the 5000 free bonus chips:


  • Redeem Code for getting unlimited free chips: 


  • Redeem Code for getting the 5000 free chips with bonus material:


  • Redeem Code for getting free bonus chips: 


As the New Player of WSOP:

The World Series of Poker is an online application that organizes tournaments between players from different states. It also offers some advantages for the new players, rewarding them with free chips and bonus points that upgrade their level to become silver. In this opportunity, you need not copy and paste the above codes; you must show your skills and play with your luck. You can quickly get free chips in advance or as a new player. The advance free chips for the new players are as follows:

15000+ Free Chips.

36000+ Free Chips.

32000+ Free Chips.

37000+ Free Chips.

42000+ Free Chips.

42500+ Free Chips.

47550+ Free Chips.

75000+ Free Chips.

59500+ Free Chips.

55000+ Free Chips.

70000+ Free Chips.

20000+ Free Chips.

80000+ Free Chips.

75200+ Free Chips.

Ways for upgrading the level in-game:

The above-mentioned chips are not only the rewards but also the links provided by the World Series of Poker on their online page. You have to follow the link and get more chips as a reward. Collecting chips are not for filling your pockets; these are basically to upgrade your game from silver status to golden status. Playing the games mentioned below can also level up the fun for upgrading your quality. These are not only the games but are also the level upgrading links for the bonus multiplier. These games are as follows:

  • *Slotomania*
  • *Caesars Slots*
  • *House of Fun Slots*
  • *Bingo Blitz*
  • *Vegas Words* (Downtown Slots)

Strategies for claiming free redeem codes in “WSOP”:

Every game offers a different platform for the players to play and show their skills. The gaming platform also rewards its players, including the redeem codes for getting free chips in WSOP. Here we are presenting some strategies that will help you avail of these redeem codes mentioned above.

  • The ways of getting free to redeem codes are straightforward; you only have to copy the Code from above and paste it into the input box. 
  • These codes are separate from any capitalization scheme. You can use any letters, whether they are capital or small. They also give you the bonus chips as the awarded chips doubled according to your bonus status.
  • In WSOP, you can also increase your bonus multiplier by upgrading your levels. The significantly game levels got elevated by playing games such as Slotomania, House of fun slots, Vegas downtown slots and Bingo Blitz.
  • Players can also get free chips by visiting the Bonus Pages managed by the influencers of the game. The more you see, the more you get the free chips. This game is all about the skills and techniques that players show and, in return, get rewarded by luck.

Ways to get free Chips in “WSOP”: 

There are many ways to get free chips in WSOP, but they are not authentic. Here we have guided you on the best way to get free chips in WSOP; these are as follows:

  • First of all, you have to visit settings.
  • Here you have to click on the “Get Chips” option.
  • Then you enter the redeem Code in the promotion codes option.
  • After clicking the redeem code option, you will get the free chips in your account. These free chips are multiplied by your status bonus.
  • To get extra chips, you only have to visit the FREE CHIPS BONUS PAGE OF WSOP.

Some old codes of WSOP:

The World Series of Poker players got the trending codes after the game’s launch, but these codes expired after some time. We are giving these codes below for your knowledge and for mentioning that these codes have been used before.

Promo Code for getting the 25000 free chips:

LKAGLES2018 52 * 

Promo Code for getting the 35000 free chips:


Promo Code for getting the X extreme box bundle:


Promo Code for getting the mega 5000 bonus chips:


Promo Code for getting the 25000 free chips Y outer box:


Promo Code for getting the 500000 X extreme bonus chips:


Promo Code for free 40000 free chips plus bonus:


Promo Code for 45000 free bonus chips:

HOODEYE2017 * 

Promo Code for 75000 free chips extreme bonus:

JLKDAY2019 *

Promo Code for 50000 free chips plus bonus points:


Promo Code for 100000 free bonus chips:


Promo Code for 720000 free chips and X status bonus:


Promo Code for 2000 free chips and X status bonus:


Promo Code for free 25000 free bonus chips:


Promo Code for 50000 free chips and X status bonus:

FLHD2019 *

Promo Code for 23000 free chips:


Promo Code for free 6000 free chips and X status bonus:


Promo Code for free 50000 chips and X status bonus:


Promo Code for free 20000 free chips and R status bonus:


Promo Code for 10000 mega free chips and bonus points:


Interesting Facts about World Series of Poker:

WSOP has a lot of interesting facts; some points are discussed below:

  • The first youngest person who wins the Main Event is Peter Eastgate. He won the mega event at the age of 22. The player held the record for about one year, and then another player named Joe Cada got the reward of youngest player of the Mega Event of WSOP at the age of 21. They both are called the champions.
  • Another exciting element regarding the collection of bracelets is the person who named his career from this game. Phil Hellmuth is the one who got more than 16 bracelets and was named the best tournament player in history.
  • The other interesting fact is about the wealthiest player of Poker, who got around 250 Million dollars by playing Poker. He mostly used to thank social media for providing such a platform through which he earned a significant amount, especially in dollars. The wealthiest player of Poker is named Dan Bilzerian.
  • The other fact about is game is that Poker is a sport of gambling money. This elaborates that this gameplay assists you in earning money; that is why this is the gambling spot named as a sport.
  • Another interesting fact that came in front of the people. The truth is that Poker is the game of luck and fate. If you are lucky and willing to play, you can earn much money despite gambling. The main thing is that you can withdraw this money to your account for profit.


As we have discussed above, WSOP stands for World Series of Poker. It is an online game that offers you to win real money. This source gives you amusement in more than 22 ways and, most importantly, does not offers the money gambling process. This exciting game enables you to play with your fellows living in the state of Nevada with the age factor of 21 or above. This online game gets confirmation by signing the End User License Agreement. You can quickly get this game from the software and then go to the cashier in the game’s lobby. You can join the competition to get the real money and deposit it into the account. This is a fantastic gambling game. Go and download it now to earn real money from the gambling process.


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